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We currently offer the following specialist programmes:


Woke Yoga, October 2019

20th to 27th October 2019

Join the WOKE YOGA team on an exclusive journey of discovery to the birthplace of Ayurveda - North Kerala INDIA. Immerse yourself in the mystery and wonder of  ancient wisdom traditions and culture - the birthplace of yoga and the home of the the holistic medicine science of Ayurveda.

This is a retreat designed to weave the practice of yoga, the adventure of cultural discovery, and personalised health insights of yoga's sister science - Ayurveda. Your needs are catered for discreetly and ensure an experience of pure delight and decadence.

Set in the incredible grounds of Neeleshwar Hermitage, your privacy and intimacy is guaranteed as the entire resort is reserved for our retreat.

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“A perfect distillation of what so many Westerners from E. M. Forster and Allen Ginsberg to the Beatels, have come to India in an attempt to find: an escape from the pressures and frenzied pace of life"
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