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Priya Spa

Ayurveda Spa

During your stay with us, we aim to nourish your body, mind and soul through authentic and delicious food, the charm of our staff and the Ayurvedic practices for which Kerala is renowned - massage, meditation and yoga.

Staying with us you have a rare chance to step out of life’s demanding routine, get back in touch with yourself and revitalize your life in a truly holistic way.

Our Wellness Programme

CONSULTATION with a doctor

Any treatments you choose at Neeleshwar are preceded by a complimentary consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Dilna
She can recommend holistic treatments and activities to help you make maximum benefit of your stay, and if necessary advise on an appropriate food menu to be followed throughout your stay. In addition to the wide range of Ayurvedic programmes, some Western spa treatments are available to help you feel rested and rejuvenated.


At Neeleshwar we practise genuine Ayurvedic treatments in the traditional way, in collaboration with the Sahayadri Foundation, one of the few 100% organic herbal medicine manufacturers in India. We take great care to ensure that all the preparations we use are completely natural and organically produced, and are sourced in a way that does not impact negatively on the environment. To do this we employ disadvantaged tribal groups in the Sahayadri mountains in Kerala, guaranteeing them stable employment, fair wages and social improvements. We operate from a menu of twenty Ayurvedic treatments, both general and localised.

Priya Spa

The Priya Ayurvedic Spa has five spacious treatment rooms ranged around a central courtyard garden. The building has been designed along traditional lines with beautifully proportioned ceilings and elegantly carved pillars. The whole place is airy and well ventilated, with a wonderful calming atmosphere in which treatments are practised in an unhurried and quiet way. We ensure that all the preparations we use are 100% natural, organically produced and sourced in a way that does not impact negatively on the environment.

Food Recommendations

If necessary our doctor may recommend an appropriate food menu to be followed during the course of your stay. 

“A perfect distillation of what so many Westerners from E. M. Forster and Allen Ginsberg to the Beatels, have come to India in an attempt to find: an escape from the pressures and frenzied pace of life"
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