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Wellness Packages

During your stay with us, we aim to nourish your body, mind and soul through authentic and delicious food, the charm of our staff and the Ayurvedic practices for which Kerala is renowned - massage, meditation and yoga.

Staying with us you have a rare chance to step out of life’s demanding routine, get back in touch with yourself and revitalize your life in a truly holistic way.

Yoga Experts Choose Neeleshwar

Over recent years the international yoga community has come to know of Neeelshwar Hermitage as an ideal place in which to run retreats. The hotel is set in an area with a strong spiritual history.

Yoga Retreat at The Hermitage!

An authentic Yoga Retreat including Ayurvedic treatments, delicious vegetarian food, and healthy drinks.

Early Bird Offer!

Book before 15th August and avail 10% further discount, for the booking till 30th September 2024.


The ancient Indian scriptures constantly remind us that the hidden essence of life is what they call ananda – bliss. Here at the Hermitage, our aim has always been to awaken and enliven this inner quality in our guests and everything here, from the arrangement of the surroundings to our food and wellness therapies, is dedicated to this end.


Embark on a blissful journey that offers an exceptional combination of four days at Neeleshwar Hermitage

Fitness & Activity

A unique lifestyle programme combining a delightful trek in Western Ghats

Priya Detox

The ideal antidote to long-haul travel

Tranquility by the Sea

This sense of well-being is nourished by the excellent food and the genuine friendliness of the staff.

Stress Buster

Rejuvenating whole bodies massage using medicated oil chosen according to body-type

Yoga at the Hermitage

Yoga is an indispensable aid to good health, a natural and enjoyable way to bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance. Increasing numbers of people are finding that a simple yoga routine can add hugely to your enjoyment of life.
"The greeting in Neeleshwar set the tone of the coming week: it was warm, professional, calm and had an understated attention to detail that meant you could completely relax into the arms of the place. Neeleshwar is beautiful, superbly run and the best place I have ever visited for recharging a weary body and mind. By the end of the week I felt 10 years younger."
Monty Don ( Gardening expert)