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Hello, My name is Alistair Shearer and I am the co-founder of The Hermitage. I have been visiting India on and off for forty years now: doing research for my books and lectures, leading tours all over the country, taking photographs, meeting the people. This blog will bring you some of my light-hearted observations on all different aspects of this extraordinary country, which never fails to intrigue and astonish.

Periodically we will also publish news relating to local events as well as publish our newsletter.

  • The Way of the Way

    The Way of the Way

  • The Search for Happiness

    The Search for Happiness

  • Size mattered in Ancient India.
  • Cutting the cost of fishing.

    Cutting the cost of fishing.

  • This too will pass!

    This too will pass!

  • Zheng He – Who He?

    Zheng He – Who He?

  • A Little Local History

    A Little Local History

  • The Beat Goes On

    The Beat Goes On

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    "The greeting in Neeleshwar set the tone of the coming week: it was warm, professional, calm and had an understated attention to detail that meant you could completely relax into the arms of the place. Neeleshwar is beautiful, superbly run and the best place I have ever visited for recharging a weary body and mind. By the end of the week I felt 10 years younger."
    Monty Don ( Gardening expert)