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New eVisa update Dec 06, 2022.

New eVisa update Dec 06, 2022.

We are glad to inform all the travellers who want to visit India that a few more countries including the United Kingdom have got lucky this time as the Government of India has lifted off travel restrictions on few more countries and the updated list of Indian eVisa eligible countries now stands at 164.

As per the recent updates citizens of 164 countries can apply for an e-visa online. The e-visa services which had been available since 2014 got suspended for all countries during the covid-19 Pandemic and then when the services got restored later only 156 countries were being considered eligible until now

We encourage you all to pick up your travel plans again and make arrangements to visit what is surely the most exciting, varied, and rewarding tourist destination for the imaginative and interested traveller.  

India awaits you!

by Alistair Shearer

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