For the rest of your life

18 Detached Cottages

Modelled on traditional fishermen's huts, each of our 18 beautiful cottages offers privacy, comfort and individuality. Sea view cottages, private pool cottages and garden view cottages are available, each with its own unique character.

All cottages have the same facilities; those overlooking the lovely gardens can be used by families or parties who would like to be together. All the rooms can have a single bed added if so desired.

Each building is positioned amidst the verdant foliage to give its occupants a sense of peace and privacy; light and airy, each is named after a traditional yogic virtue. Constructed in the local laterite stone and topped by tile or thatch, all are embellished with carved and dressed woodwork fashioned in traditional style by local craftsmen so skilled that their usual work is building and restoring temples.

Teak floors, high ceilings and generous proportions, locally handmade wooden furniture and antique and contemporary objets d'art from Kerala complete the ambience, giving each room its own special charm. A welcome modern touch is the ipod and docking station, so guests can use their own devices. 

Take a look at an artist's impression of the Hermitage

Ananda : Bliss

Ayur : Long Life

Bhakti : Devotion

Bhavana : Refinement

Dana : Generosity

Gyana : Insight

Karuna : Compassion

Maitri : Friendliness

Moksha : Freedom

Prema : Love

Sama : Equanimity

Santosh : Contentment

Shakti : Energy

Shanti : Peace

Sneha : Affection

Sukha : Happiness

Virya : Strength

Viveka : Discernment

"The greeting in Neeleshwar set the tone of the coming week: it was warm, professional, calm and had an understated attention to detail that meant you could completely relax into the arms of the place. Neeleshwar is beautiful, superbly run and the best place I have ever visited for recharging a weary body and mind. By the end of the week I felt 10 years younger."
Monty Don ( Gardening expert)