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Lemon Rice



Paneer - 250gms 
Tomato - 60gm 
Small Onion-400 gm 
Ginger - garlic Paste - 25 gm 
Chilly Powder - 20 gm 
Turmeric powder - 5gm
Green chilly - 10 gm 
Coconut Oil - 40 ml 
Salt-to taste 
Curry leaves


1.Cut each small onion into 4-5 pieces
2. In a vessel mix all the ingredients except tomato, that is sliced small onions, green chilly slits, ginger-garlic paste, salt, coconut oil, curry leaves, chili powder and turmeric powder. Mix well with hand.
3. Then add paneer pieces and mix well. 
4. Keep this aside for minimum half an hour. Then heat a non stick kadai and add this marinated paneer . 
5. Close the kadai and cook in medium flame 
6. Stir occasionally. 
7. When its 3/4th done ,add tomato pieces and cook 
8. When the paneer is fully cooked then open the kadai and roast the Paneer till the oil comes out .
9. Finally add some more curry leaves and serve

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